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We look forward to having you as our direct customer, retailer or wholesaler. Once you experience the sterling quality of our ORO cards, you will become a lifetime user. Forget the fancy brand names and the outrageous prices of our competitors. If you are looking for quality, affordability, and value then look no further. ORO Playing Cards is Your Choice

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Whether you are a card aficionado, collector, serious or casual player you will find our ORO cards fit your budget and expectations. We offer six designs in 100% plastic.

The Gold Standard in Cards

ORO playing cards come in a double-pack cased in an attractive hard black box. These exclusively designed playing cards are in refreshing white matte finish and perfect for your personal use or a gift to your friends.

The ORO Guarantee

We have endeavored to manufacture superior products using the highest quality controls. Should there be any manufacturing defect, we will be glad to replace at no cost.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The unique matted finish allows for smooth shuffling, sliding and handling. Even after long hours of playing and handling, the cards are good as new. ORO playing cards cards are high quality, affordable and durable.